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Victoria De Mare, the Queen of Horror

Victoria De Mare has been one of Hollywood's "Hottest Horror Scream Queens" for over a decade, according to the cover article of the January 2017 issue of Hustler Magazine. She has appeared in over 110 films and TV productions. "My creation and the portrait of the sexy succubus clone of the demons", "Batty Boop" of the horror / comedy series, "Killjoy", now available as a statue of a resin doll / action figure courtesy of Full Moon Collectible in the whole world November 2017 (a real delicacy for the fans)

Victoria graduated from New York University with a B.A. in Theater Arts and Broadcast Journalism. In addition to being a prolific actor, she is also a published writer, a published poet, a professional model, a presenter and producer of live talk shows and a professional dancer. He is a member of the Hart Pulse Dance Company, of the Wilmington Ballet Company and of the Joffrey Ballet Company, with performances by guest artists at the St. Croix Ballet Company in the Virgin Islands. Victoria an alice / DJ "Groove Time with Victoria De Mare" in the largest online radio in the world in 18 countries - on Friday evening at 6pE / 5pC / 3pP.

Victoria is also a vocalist leader, back-up and harmony, as well as singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, producer, music publisher (ASCAP), and catalog artist with over 50 songs on Warner Music Group's catalogs Film & TV Licensing. His 2016 pop / rock album, CanUNotTell and the latest singles from 2017-2018 are available for download or streaming on iTunes, AppleMusic, AmazonMP3, Spotify, GooglePlay and anywhere online stores available on iPhone worldwide.

"If a man has a talent and can not use it, he has failed: if he has a talent and he only uses half, he has failed in part: if he has a talent and somehow learns to use everything, he has gloriously succeeded and obtained a satisfaction and a triumph that few men ever know ". -Thomas Wolfe

We met a few days ago and we talked about interesting and exclusive topics only for members of TheBlogDC.

Dear Victoria, you are such a famous character that you are known everywhere. What is your connection with the world of horror?

My career in film began with my work in a Roger Corman horror movie.  I love the horror genre & always have since I was a kid.  I will always work on horror films in my career whether it is on low budget indies or major studio films.  Horror & the horror community has a special place in my heart.

...and do you think your sensuality has somehow contributed to success?

I sure hope so!  Sex sells it's just that simple. And, to succeed in any business, one should use all their "skills" & attributes. Besides, I love sensuality!  Becoming a "horror heartthrob" with my character "Batty Boop" from the feature film horror/comedy series 'Killjoy' was a dream come true!  Not to mention she is now available as a resin doll statue/action figure courtesy of Full Moon Collectibles!

Among the many films you've made to which you feel more connected?

I feel most connected to the horror/comedy feature film series 'Killjoy'.  It was those films that made Full Moon Collectibles want to turn me/my character in those films into an action figure.  That's any actor's ultimate dream, so those films & my performance in those films will always be very important to me.

During your career you have been able to collaborate with different celebrities. Which of them left you particularly surprised?

I was surprised at how humble & down to earth mega Scream Queen/Penthouse Pet Julie Strain was as well as comedic actor Andy Dick.  Just so cool & fun to be around on set.

What is the director with whom you worked better?

I love working with directors John Lechago, Jeff Leroy, Corky Quakenbush, & Patrick O'Bell.

Apart from the horror genre, what other film genre do you like and what would you like to do that you have not done yet?

I love almost all genres of film.  My favorites are horror, drama, comedy, sci-fi/fantasy, adventure, & action.  I'd love to do a western movie & a period-piece drama in the future.

In recent years the horror genre is a bit lapsed. what do you think this crisis is due to? are the right ideas or actors missing?

It has because of the explosion of technology.  Now, everyone can buy an affordable camera & shoot something, so they suddenly all think they are filmmakers.  They mostly start with horror because it's the easiest to sell, but the market has become over-run by amateurs who don't know a thing about filmmaking.  So, I would have to say the ideas are missing.  There are a ton of great actors out there looking for great scripts & projects.

...with which director would you like to work?

I'd kill to work with Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg, Paul Thomas Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Peter Jackson & Guillermo Del Toro.

...and in which film would you have wanted to participate?

I would have Loved to have played "Mallory Knox" in Oliver Stone's 'Natural Born Killers' & frankly Any role in the 'Lord Of The Rings' trilogy.

Do you have any plans for the future?

Yes, I am getting ready to work with filmmaker Corky Quakenbush again this August in L.A., CA.   My 2nd annual 'Hotness Of Horror' event happens at the end of August at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA.  I am releasing my 3rd album "hashtagtwat" everywhere online in September.  I'm the opening act for "Tom Proctor & the A-listers" at their upcoming Harley Davidson sponsored shows at the end of September throughout SoCal.  And, I will be performing my 8th season at the LA Haunted Hayride event in October at Griffith Park in Hollywood, CA.

We at theblogdc we have some horror project, can we talk about it?

Absolutely!!!  What's your budget, lol!

What do you think does not work in movie houses? we have seen that they often focus on siliconed rather than good actresses.

Casting does not always work the best.  The best actor or actress for the job does Not always get hired for the job.  That's just the reality of the business that I've learned over the passed 20 years of my career.

Would you tell me five things you would like to do in your life?

1- Tour the world with my best/favorite songs off my 3 albums called "Vic Worldwide". 2- Tour the world with my 1st composed symphony which I would conduct & also perform the middle vocal section called "u".  3- Win 3 Academy Awards in one ceremony being the first actress in Hollywood/Cinema history to win both the Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar & the Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar, as well as a Best Original Song Oscar making me the 2nd woman to ever win 3 Academy Awards in one ceremony next to Fran Walsh. 4- To produce & star in my own dramatic horror TV series I have in development called "Victoria De Mare is IT".  5- To live happily ever after in literal paradise with my twin flame.

Final question: what's your life's philosophy?

Follow your passion.

Victoria De Mare thanks!!!!

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