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Top 10 Horror Short Films

Aggiornamento: 15 ago 2018

Hello everyone, our blog today wants to pay homage to the 10 horror shorts of the last years. It is not a rating of appreciation but a list of unmissable films that must be seen, and appreciated, at least once in a lifetime.

1. Sprinkles (2010) dir. by R. Scheck

Sprinkles is a thriller / horror with the talented Brooke Lewis who plays an expensive call girl. The situation becomes violent and the film takes on a pressing rhythm. A must have in your collection! Brooke always lovely!

2. Rusty Nails dir. by Loris Rossi

One of my favorite movies ever! A very special film that was born to be winning and disturbing at the same time. Excellent proof of Max Miecchi and spectacular atmosphere that remains, for the duration of the film, disturbing.

3. Birth dir. by Ozlem Altingoz

Fear in its pure state. In the basement of the Ravencrest Hospital, he has to give up the soul of his first born, and the time has come for that price to be paid Dustin Ardine returns to the spotlight with a beautiful horror worthy of James Wan. Ozlem will become a brilliant director, she is already at the second high-level horror movie.

4. Comme tous les matins dir by. Cedric Dupuis

A horror splatter tremendous. The issue is that of violence against women but, as often happens in French horror, we arrive at almost disturbing blood levels.

5. Whatever you desire dir. by Rabea Peter

A short film released this year and a lot will be discussed. It combines sex with eroticism in the best way but with an unpleasant surprise for the partners! Very good and beautiful directing.

6. Hada dir. by Tony Morales

A decidedly disturbing film when seen at night with headphones. He would have had more luck at the festivals if he had also participated in Italy!

7. 3 Versos dir. by Antonio Yee

A spiritual session that inspires fear. A gloomy atmosphere and excellent special effects. Supernatural presences are excellent.

8. Surgery dir. by George & Samuel Clemens

An unknown man who has been kidnapped, is now in the diabolical clutches of the Crude Surgeon, a dart-loving, cold-blooded, psychopath on a terrifying and gruesome mission.

9. Doors 8090 dir. by Jakub Vrbík

A horror story about a little silly obsessions of the human beings, ignoring the pointlessness of their existence. They believe in the necessity and the inevitability of their actions. Not even death can open their eyes and force them to rest. The are driven by the never-dying desire, that make them finish the goal by any possible means. It`s the only way how can they reach the eternal rest, even if their missions can seem meaningless.

10. Undercover Mistress dir. by Giulio Ciancamerla

During a photo show, a man is enjoying scaring a girl until she decides to leave the exhibition. The man runs after her along increasingly dark and isolated streets. A man and a woman. Which one is the dominant genre?

Ciancamerla makes a brilliant film that manages to make the spectator pale. Many scenes make people feel bad just looking at them. You will no longer use the scissors ...


Do you agree with our choices? Comment and propose what other films could be in the Top Ten of the last 10 years

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