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The Disposers review


The Disposers directed by Eden Hadad is a beautiful short film that combines organized crime with respect and friendship. Hadad really does a great job, shots and action times that are very reminiscent of Hollywood cinema.


Matty and Shabu are in their late 60s. They are undertakers for an Israeli organization crime. Shabu will board a plane and leave this life behind. Shabu after the boss has learned that Shabu stole money from him.


The two protagonsites are the soul of the film, two criminals far ahead with the years they find themselves doing their last job together. Last, because just one of the two is tired of this life. Both actors liked me, they gave me that sense of tenderness and friendship that does not die over the years. Age advances for everyone, age makes you wiser and can even change your way of thinking. Between a shootout and a moment of reflection we find ourselves at the final scene of the film, no twist, which enhances even more the link between Matty and Shabu, a bond that I would call friendship of respect, that is a bond that is born in time and ends overthrowing the boss's rules. Because both characters know that they have dedicated their lives, risking everything, to serve someone who may not even know their emotions. I was particularly excited by Shabu in the final part, Hadad was very good at making these two criminals so different in character but very similar intellectually.

Good job!

Rating: 8 + / 10

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