• Danny Caprio


REBIRTH (PUNARJANAM) a film that initially stunned me because it managed to transfer me as the concept of indifference and hypocrisy is the same in all parts of the world. It does not matter where you live or who you are. If you are poor and hungry you will be ignored and turned away, with situations on the edge of reality.

The leading actor and director AMAR JYOTI JHA is able, with the only look, to give a mood of sadness and resignation throughout the film. What however wants to be the director's message is not related to the natural human indifference but a religious and spiritual signal of rebirth.

This beautiful parallel is observed throughout the film, which through its colors that tend to dark, can tell the vicissitudes of a poor person looking for food. Man is always looking for something, satisfied his primary needs is the need to fill the spiritual voids. In this case, the poor man is left to his own devices but tries in every way and with his dignity to find a way to feed himself.

The point of view of the people who look at the poor and admire him as if in his actions there was something divine, spiritual, supernatural opposed to the vision of the poor who, from his point of view, unaware of any action or spiritual repercussion , is looking for a satisfaction related to the need.

The rebirth of man is precisely this search that takes place in life, making him unaware of what others think of him and leading him to renounce the deplorable and inhuman gestures that underlie a spiritual rebirth.

One vote less for some shots that I did not like

Rating: 7/10

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