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News about The Darkest Nothing

A truly scary project with no boundaries is always doomed from day 1, but Darkest Nothing is not the type of project that can simply disappear. You cut one head, two new ones jump out of its bloody throat. In 2018 the entire project came very close to a deal with Wild Bunch, until we stopped hearing from them for reasons still unexplained. Similar communication with Netflix has brought absolutely nothing, while other studios like AMC, CBS, Sky and a number of companies got cold feet early on, after the first discussions. The entire image of the project was probably misleading all of them, because we all tend to seek similarities with existing projects, movies or books. This project is unique, is a brand new genre and it starts where almost all other movies and books end. After two cycles of shootings in 2015-'16 and in 2017, the project was close to take off in 2018, but it was still very confusing and scary for most people in the industry. Most talks ended up about the so-called "established IP" issue, meaning a possible remake of non-English series or movies or the adaptation of a published novel. Even by proving you can do the work by producing and shooting, is not enough. Original concepts have to be and feel "safe". Crowdfunding would never be an option for us, because the project explores the deepest real perversions and crimes, but it's not a documentary or a serial killer biopic. The final solution was to turn this epic story into 15 huge novels.


The first novel The Darkest Nothing: Algolagnia (245.000 words) finds a German commissioner examining the dead body of a transvestite, that looks like a suicide for the untrained eye. His suspicions about new types of prostitution involving female students becoming mistresses and offering feminization sessions to their clients force him to seek external help from psychiatrist William Jameson, who has written a book about the new wave of modern prostitution and its roots. The charismatic psychiatrist locates untraceable clues and guides the commissioner on how to catch the inexperienced phantom mistress. His approach soon becomes very important, when the German criminal police faces the slaughtered body of a lawyer inside a BDSM dungeon, as they soon link the murder to a number of cold cases, the work of two female serial killers, who take advantage of the lack of investigating knowledge in that field and close-to-none media publicity regarding the world of extreme BDSM practices and on crimes within those circles. As the case unfolds, both the commissioner and the psychiatrist realize that they are dealing with the most prolific serial murderers in European history. While the first is determined to follow his hunch and to explore the case of a missing dominatrix in Hamburg, the psychiatrist decides to use psychology and technology and unconventional methods for locating the one killer, while testing his own limits and manipulative techniques at the same time. The result of the chase will bring him face to face with his own demons, a radical new theory about every single female on this planet and how to help them psychoanalyze themselves, and a new way for mass sessions with a large audience by creating viral offensive violent videos, that will change his career for ever. ALGOLAGNIA is not a typical procedural crime thriller. Inside the book there are hundreds of clues and information about real crimes, real events, real websites and a detailed view of the darkest parts of prostitution and real existing perversions. The novel goes to places, that no author has ever dared to go before, but also analyzes both the psychological aspects behind every action and the science behind the need for pain in terms of sexual pleasure, both for the submissive partner and the sadist and how it relates to almost every serial killer ever existed. A number of detailed techniques are described inside (some can be considered as dangerous information), while some unimaginable true facts can shock even the most knowledgeable reader. It is a provocative novel, that manages to keep a high literature profile and a "mainstream" style, where the shocking moments could make even the toughest thriller or horror novel/movie on the market seem like fairy tales for children.

BUT IT IS BASED ON TRUE FACTS AND EVENTS. FIRST TRAILER FOR THE NOVEL: Buy the novel (ebook and paperback editions: Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon DE: Amazon FR: Amazon CA: Amazon SP: Amazon IT: Amazon NL: Amazon JP:


The second and third novel are already on their way, scheduled to be released during summer and fall of 2019, continuing the story and bringing it to the next level, scarier, deeper, even more complicated. The characters are further developed with new ones added, inside a truly open world with no limitations. Instead of just reading and waiting for the book adaptations, the readers will have the chance to watch the recorded sessions and creations of the lead psychiatrist on film this year. Instead of just reading about the actions of the characters inside, you will be able to find them online. Not as products by a company, but as the real thing. The distinction between fiction and reality will eventually become very blurry and thin, and that is where the fear factor jumps in. Two side projects straight from the pages of the first novel are already in development. With or without studio support or any type of state funding, this project is moving forward. State funding in Germany was impossible, out of fear that a politician might had strong rejects about the nature of the crime thriller series. The same institution has already funded a Hitler-resurrection supposedly symbolic movie and a vampire sci-fi sequel. It is clear, the moment you start talking about real corruption, pedophile circles, the countless crimes and murders that are never published on the news and about the incredible number of missing persons in Europe, you get no support. That is what makes Darkest Nothing to grow even bigger.


The epic journey starts as a psychological crime thriller and grows steadily into a huge action thriller that slowly leads to the real end of our world. This is a psychoanalyzing new genre, where characters from other franchises may appear at any given time, without a way of preventing it. Deep analysis about famous or infamous movies and music is a huge part of the story, but it's not what it sounds like. This is truly controversial, until you get inside and read the details. You will disagree at first or even get angry at some points, until you read more. There is no chance of you not loving it by the end. You can call it whatever you want, this is not just thriller or horror. I still don't have a name for this new genre, even though I am working on it for the last 20+ years. The last four years have created this beast and I can only keep feeding it. I am not sure how people will react to it, but I am certain that these are the novels and movies I always wanted to read and watch since I was a teenager, a step beyond literature and cinema. It's a fat statement, but you don't know yet what's coming next. It is the sum of all horrors, all fears, all elements, an encyclopedia about every single genre, every art form, every crime in existence. Until we reach the much bigger issues in the near future, after the 10th novel.


When I saw that the novel could not be available in Arabic countries, I knew it had to do with the graphic violence and extreme sexual elements inside. It is sad for now, because this project treats all places and religions and races the same. It's about the human race, it's not about fictional monsters or aliens. You will dive into a new scary ocean, with new information that you need to know, you need to be aware of all those things. It is even recommended for murderers and anyone involved in criminal activities. It provides answers to all important questions, it makes you think. Some people are trying to change this world through politics or philosophy, but one of the most important and first psychiatrists said: "To study the abnormal is the best way of understanding the normal." I choose to focus on darkness and to find the way to explain it to everyone. We still have the same problems like thousands of years ago. We may have technology, police forces and spying, but there are more crimes and murders happening nowadays than in the past. Do we need more super heroes, monsters and supernatural entertaining flicks and books or is it time to get serious and focus on the actual issues? I know it is going to be tough to find investors for the book adaptations, but I am counting on people for now. The first three or four novels, together with the short movies can make it possible to finance the first feature film ALGOLAGNIA. Is it a bad thing if the entire project would remain independent? In this case, no. It's not about total control, is more about the true vision behind it. Most authors are not directors and film editors. They cannot organize an adaptation of their novel. Especially such a complicated multi-level one. Can a fan base make it happen? Time will tell. For now, I am offering the first novel in its ebook form to the first 100 people that will send me an e-mail for free ( darkestnothingfilms-at-gmail-dot-com ) I am only asking for a photograph with them holding it on their smartphone, tablet or next to a computer screen. The price on Amazon for the ebook is $ 0,99 (the paperback has a larger cost due its size). Every single cent will go into the production of the feature film, so this is worth supporting it. In return, everyone that will send us a picture with it or will post it on social media, he or she will gain instant access to all short movies, that will be released this year. That goes also for the 100 people, that will send me an e-mail. Check out the information about the short movies, the sessions, that the lead psychiatrist is creating as reenactments on film, based on audio recordings of sessions with his former patients. The first three are straight from the pages of Algolagnia, the second 4 movies are straight from the fifth novel Paraphrenia, while the two last ones are from the sixth titled Raptio. This is the official website For true horror fans out there, one of the characters of the series is an infamous horror artist inside the Darkest Nothing universe. His name is "Butcher" or "Botcher" and he first appears in the second novel The Darkest Nothing: Gynophagia, set to be released this summer. His movies were obscure for a while, until the psychiatrist William Jameson meets him and helps him to find a platform for his creations, instantly becoming part of his crew. The first little slasher is titled Geocaching Vol. 1 (Release date: summer 2019) - it will be available for free. I hope you will enjoy the first novel and the first short movies coming up. I am writing an editing between 2.000 and 5.000 words everyday to catch up with the huge volumes. A lot of material from all 15 novels already exists, even full manuscripts of some of them. Can we keep up? Our team is strong! I bet there are many more people out there, who will fall in love with this project so deeply, that will help us to bring it forward. You are looking for the next big thing, this is it! I will not disappoint anybody! The first novel has a magic power and it will blow you away. What is the most memorable scene ever written? There are at least five inside this novel, that will make it to your top ten list, but there is also one that lasts for over 20 pages, that I am hoping will not be imitated for suicide attempts or by murderers, cause it is the one thing that goes beyond the pages of this book and beyond any sick fantasy. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning, it's just the first novel...

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