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MedFF Final Event Winners

The too hot did not prevent the development of the now beloved Sicilian show that sees the presence of several Star present. The week began with the presence in the Aretusao capital of Sonia Gray and ended with an interview with Andrèa Winter for her beautiful Blood Paradise.

Martin Del Carpio Best Photo Art

Best Script

Désir Pastel write by Mathieu Rivolier

Best Music

Silent Love Stories-II Amr Al-Hariri

Best FX

A P E X Stuart T Birchall

Best Story

Beautified Emily Haigh

Best Eros Film

Whatever You Desire Rabea Peter

Best Romance

The Escort Bizhan Tong

Best Music Video

Corridor Cassandre Émanuel

Best XXX

DUST little swastika

Best Series

#ModelLife Jazmine Campanale, Jennifer Pielak, Brooklyn Hislop

Best Thriller

They Can't Hear You Luke Creely

Best Doc

Millennium after the Millennium Jason Morris

Best Feature Film

Lost In Apocalypse Sky Wang

Best Idea

FILMESQUE Vincenzo De Sio, Walton Zed (Davide Capasso)

Best 1 Minute

OSMOSIS Carolina de la Vega

Best Trailer

Dark Cloud Issac Rodriguez

Best Actress

[a-live] - da una storia vera Alice ROTIROTI

Best Horror

"Looking" Marina Bruno

Best Director


Best Drama

DNA OF WILD BEASTS Delphine Montaigne

Best Mobile Film

Shadow Joaquín Vallet

Best Cast

Unorganized Crime Nick Vallelonga

Best Comedy

The Benza Raito Nishizaka

Giulio Penzo Gold Award

Team Teenettes Brian Morelan, Bianca Porolisneau

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