• Danny Caprio

Kissy Cousin Monster Babies

When I saw Kissy Cousin Monster Babies together with my colleagues we said: this short film will not please everyone. At a first visual impact, it will be possible to see dialogues and pieces of film that seem completely disconnected from each other. A sort of historical puzzle that traces the last 25 years of our century.

A more attentive and profound vision of the film, more critical and conscious, will however be very different from what was said previously. In fact, Kissy Cousins ​​Monster Babies by Wayne Keeley is not a film that follows the normal Hollywood canons, but is a project that involves a story, a quarter of a century, seen and experienced with the eyes and ideas of the director and producer.

Watching a movie from the 90s on the same time frame as the short film will trigger the ire of younger viewers while it will be a beautiful time travel for the more experienced.

I loved the different identities of this film that created a temporal continuum that I owe so much. We live in an era where the best camera is the director of the century, while Wayne Keeley has shown that ideas in cinema are equal to the soul that comes with the film.

My vote comes from an artistic media between the disinterested and the cultured spectator.

The only thing that I did not appreciate was the final part, so to speak, the scenes shot in the current era seem too amateur. I would have preferred the 90s style shots. De gustibus ...

Rating: 6.5 / 10

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