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Houdor Jiyori review

Houdor Jiyori of Keya Dutta is a short film of social and political protest against class discrimination. The main character of the film is a woman, Nirupama who lives and struggles in a dirty and polluted system, where the poor must succumb to the abuses of the rich, which in this case is represented by politics and laws. Following the teachings of Ghandi, one of the greatest "inspirers" of our history, Nirupama wants a struggle without violence that underlies the message of the film. Keya Dutta makes a good film, with a quality video acceptable but far too far from professional filmmaking.

As our judges would say, the film is too tied to its land and is difficult to export.

The framing system is still too small despite the high quality of acting.

With the exception of nighttime boat scenes, spectacular. In that case there seems to be a drastic change of direction as the scenes are a big screen.

I missed contact, empathy, with the characters in the film. The pain of the protagonist is felt thanks to her pantomime but it seems almost impossible to "pierce" the screen. The other characters of the cast are not up to the woman protagonist, which makes unbalanced the emotional pathos that lasts throughout the film.

The overall quality of the film is good, we are sure that Keya Dutta will go a long way, even if it has to think in a more international way, changing something to make its films real jewels.

Rating: 6.5 / 10 can really grow a lot

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