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The Model: Dominick Juneau

Professionalism is an important and at the same time elegant, does not fit everyone and never goes out of fashion. It is a trend that is always growing in order to become a synonym of guarantee and reliability. At the latest MedFF awards we had the honor to meet and talk with Dominick Juneau, a well-known and well-known model all over the world, an example in terms of professionalism and elegance combined with Apollonian beauty.

When asked about why an important film festival has focused on Dominick Juneau is almost obvious: elegance is not bought but you can only admire.

Below is the complete interview for our European edition of The DC Blog with Dominick Juneau.

1) Could you tell us about your experience in the world of adult film industry? I started in 2010, as a kid i started to model at the age of 5 and really loved it, as a teenager i moved to Montreal trying to make it in the fashion industry but i was too short to do catwalk. So i collaborated with a few photographer and did lots of artistic nude. I was really comfortable with nudity, extremely sexual and loved to travel. Porn was the logic path to take. Did a solo and then one of the biggest studio in US booked me for 5 scenes and became a big star really fast. A year after acting i got offered a director job for and fell in love with production. I then made my own movies mixing art, eroticism and fashion. I decided to retire last month as i feel i did everything this business has to offer front and back of the camera. I had no more challenges or inspirations and fell in love with the most incredible man who is just not in that world. 

2) What did not you like about that world? I don't like being approached by old men in the middle of the day while im with friends or family and they are just like: "hey dude dont i know you from somewhere? "The answer is yes and you perfectly know where! I also cant stand the fakeness of certain people of the industry. We are pornstars not hollywood royalty so get down your high horse. 

3) Which are, according to your experience, the contraindications of that sector? You got to have really thick skin to be in this industry. Some will praise you, some will shame you but it is your duty to educate people on the reality of our work. People judge what they dont know. You got to always be on point with your body and have an evolution with your look to keep your audience going.   4) Could you tell me how did you get out of it? Theres a new site that really took over the world of porn named . It's a site where pornstars film themselves having sex with friends and hookups. This goes against all the reasons i got into this industry. I wanted to make real movies, model, travel and if is where the industry going then thats not a place for me. Porn was always a sideline for me. My real job is bringing me more joy and satisfaction then being famous.

5) What do you do now? I've been bartender for over 15 years now, also been managing restaurants. I was also a flight attendant for 8 years so service is really what i love and excel the most. Im also very involved with my community here in montreal. I try to raise awareness and get more involve every year with the Pride celebration here. 6) What projects do you have for the future? I still want to do many things... one day i will have my own restaurant, im also really interested in real estate and i always feel right at home behind the bar.  7) There is some criticism that sometimes you hwould do to thelgtb world? I'm an advocate for every spheres of the LGBTQ+ and think that sometimes judgement come from within the community and it totally has to stop. By having love and acceptance towards each others, heterosexuals will have to.  8) What does faith represent to you? I'm a true atheist. I do not believe in a higher power and im beyond discussed by the the catholic church and all the sex crimes they committed and never paid the legal price of abusing kids. 9) If I had to describe in a few words what would you write? Life lover, world traveler, connected to his people, always up for a good time.

10) Although we are in 2018 there is still a lot of sexual discrimination. what drives an individual to criticize another's sexual tastes? People judge what they dont know, we are lucky to live in a time where information is accessible by the touch of our fingers. Respect is the true winner of a working society. Thanks for your kindnessMy pleasure , bisoux de montreal :) for all THEBLOGDC's readers xxxx
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