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Contrition directed by Trent Newton

Trent Newton's Contrition is a 20-minute thriller. Overall, it was shot very well even if you tried to give a lot of space to psychology rather than action.

Perhaps due to the reduced budget of about $ 5,000 that did not allow to increase the dose of action that is usually found in modern thrillers. Tutta Trent Newton manages to do everything on his own thanks to the help of his main actress Claire Gagnon-King who plays a girl looking for revenge.

Will this thirst for revenge kill the killer or generate a domino effect with dangerous implications?

I found the short film interesting even if I always recommend spending a little less on the lenses and focus more on the story.

The basic idea is good, it may have many variables in its favor, but you miss something. Trent Newton's film, Contrition, is like a beautiful vase that has taken off the flowers. I am sure that with a bigger budget (even if in Italy the short films are made with a few hundred dollars ...) it would have done much more.

Overall a good movie, with an interesting plot and a high level of acting and great cinematography. Only a few moments of suspensein are missing ...

But I'm sure we'll hear more about Trent Newton and his "artistic education" that makes a film clean and impeccable.

Rating: 6.5 / 10

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