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Casablanca Film Festival

Finally the most innovative of the festivals has arrived. It took years to identify a winning formula to create the first multilevel festival (both online and offline) capable of organizing in-depth workshops and seminars on film issues.

It was entirely created and strongly wanted by Alexandre Ottoveggio who returns from the camera to direct an international festival after a two-year break. The emotion is great, as he himself tells TheBlogDc, above all for having wanted to do something different, thinking big but maintaining humility and the desire to do well. The Casablanca Film Festival is a journey of cinema that wants to bring back the great cinema of the past. "I wanted to give directors the opportunity to express their value by forming a team that evaluates the works as a whole and not looking at the superficial level as many film festivals do".

As Alexandre Ottoveggio says, the Casablanca Film Festival is a journey and therefore in this path there are other people who accompany him in the choices and in the definition of the structure of the festival.

Alexandre Ottoveggio

Owner Casablanca Film Festival.

Film director/actor/screenwriter and film editor.

Ron Cooper

Associate Festival Organizer.

Film Jury.


Crystal Dawn Tataryn

Associate Festival Organizer. Webmaster/Film Jury.

Screenwriter, freelancer.

Ashraf Shishir

Film Director.

Joe Foley

Film Jury.


Varushka Franceschi

Film Jury.

Film director/screenwriter/producer.

Patrick Merleau

Film Jury.

Music composer/writer.

Mohamed Oumai

Film Jury.

Film director.

Brenda Papworth

Film Jury.


Jennifer De Carolis

Film Jury.


The goal is to enhance cinema by discovering new and future talents, promoting art and creating study courses aimed at cinema. All directors and screenwriters, from every corner of the world, will be evaluated according to their artistic essence, avoiding creating a festival that has the sole purpose of earning money without thoroughly evaluating each work. There will be essentially two versions of the Festival: online and on site. During the pandemic phase, a streaming session will be possible to reward the best and preserve everyone's health. A big hello to Ottoveggio, thanking him for the wonderful idea.




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