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The Goddesses on Earth: Andreea Vasile

The influencers are not all the same. The term influencer is often confused with those who have many contacts without making sense of their profile. We went to interview a model that is depopulating on instagram thanks to her beautiful, almost divine forms, considered by her fans as one of the most beautiful influencers in the world. We are not exaggerating and the photos will show that simplicity combined with beauty creates a solid and valuable marriage. Andreea Vasile, known on the web as Miss KirRoyal is an imperial model, beautiful and magnificent that will make you fall in love at first sight.

According to the hashtags and reactions of the followers Andreea Vasile, Miss KirRoyal has the nicest instagram seducer and her body is one of the most envied.

But Miss KirRoyal is not a snob model built specifically to deceive sailors. None of this. She is a girl like many who engages body and soul to take care of her physical appearance following her passion and her profession: being a model. In our opinion, TheBlogDC is one of the most beautiful and desirable models in circulation, the dream of every Italian man. And the Italians, in terms of women's tastes, are the best ... because they are never wrong!

1) How difficult is it to be successful in your work and how many sacrifices must be made to reach your levels?

It’s quite hard as being successful in modeling and especially social media requires a lot of work and proper knowledge and research. You need to constantly do photoshoots, invest in your image network with models and photographers so it’s like a full part job. 

Also with growing popularity you loose your life time friends as they don’t like the attention you get and the fact that you are always in the spotlight.

2) How did you start? 

That’s actually a funny story, I made a 2nd instagram account trying to hide from my boyfriend as I was tired of him always complaining that I’m posting sexy photos on the Internet and one of the first photos I posed was actually a jeans photo where my butt looked very good and that specific photo went viral, everybody started sharing it and talking about who’s that girl which they never seen online before, and in 2 weeks of being on social media I gained 100k followers and a number did people and companies that wanted to work with me  so when that happened I realized that social media can be quite productive and it can become a regular source of income.

3) What is the part of your body that you like most?  

It has to be my butt 

...and what is the part of your body that you like to others?  

I always look at women bodies and especially butts, my friend call me a creep always obsessing over other girls butts. In men my favorite thing Is an athletic and Muscular back.

4) What is your favorite movie?

Catch me if you can with Leonardo Dicaprio 

5) Would you tell me the last movie you saw?  

Black panther 

6) Have you ever thought of being an actress?

It did cross my mind a few times and since I move to LA i got a lot of propositions, I’m still thinking about it, I’m scared of trying new things :)

7) What projects do you have for the future? 

Looking to build a membership site where public figures and models can easily connect with their fans.

8) The most important thing in your life?


9) The city in which you live better?

London UK 

10) What are the things you like in a man?

Loyalty, honesty and of course an athletic look 

11) What advice would you give to those wishing to undertake your work?

Be consistent and work hard, it will pay off 

12) How does your working day take place?

Always heaving a healthy breakfast, having my make up done and either shooting with my photographer, shooting for my multiple members sites or just working on managing other models and trying to Find the most productive way for them to make money off social media 

13) How do you concentrate during a photo shoot?

It’s quite hard, my easiest way is having an iPad on a tripod and use it as a mirror to be able to find my best poses. 

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