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A Bitter Pill review

A BITTER PILL is the short film directed by Ashutosh Kumar Jha and has been among the finalists of the MedFF and the RedCorner of 2018. A dramatic story that sees the vicissitudes of a couple during a long phase of crisis. The sense of drama and dissatisfaction of the beautiful and talented protagonist is felt throughout the film. The sense of anguish brought forward is only the tip of the iceberg of an almost perfect narration. If we wanted to break down the film, which is the director's point of view, the couple is actually divided. On the one hand the wonderful protagonist Tish, immune to feelings, distant from everything and everyone, as if she lived in perennial oblivion and on the other side her fiancé: affectionate, thoughtful and present in her life.

The film analyzes and breaks down the reality, the dissatisfaction that remains in our century, a sense of loneliness that makes us feel alone even when we are in company. A couple formed by two people who, in the film's end, are actually very distant. She loves him? We will not be able to answer this question, even at the end of the film. We can assert that he loves her, that he understands her but we will not be able to define the point of view of the girlfriend.

director Ashutosh Kumar Jha

Ashutosh does an exceptional job, he manages to transfer to the video the emotions, the sensations and even the doubts, narrating a film with an excellent musical accompaniment. Cast is exceptional! When they saw her at MedFF they were literally crazy, thinking that an actress like her could be the new discovery of world cinema.

The cinematography is superb, the director showed his talent both in the visual field and in the emotional field. Difficult to reach certain levels if you do not have a sensitive soul and a high level of professionalism.

If I had to express my personal opinion I would say that the film aims to have a quality audio and video with a highly dramatic content, but lost in the final where it leaves too many interpretations. This couple does not know what the end will do. All this would seem to last in this phase of stasis, as often happens with today's couples. Perhaps this is the message that the film wants to leave.

Rating: 8.5 / 10 great work

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